LOSMEDIASTUDIOS is an independent outlet for Left-Hand Path & Occult Media​​​​​​​
Inquiries & Collaborations: losmediastudios@gmail.com
My experience in digital media production has developed over the years through solo and collaborative projects. After graduating from the University of Florida with a Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication, I decided to solely venture into the world of visual media. As the "one man show", I film/shoot and edit all of my material. I like to explore all areas of life through my camera. Some consider me an amateur, while others a seasoned veteran. I see myself as a human expressing life through the visual arts.​​​​​​​
Past Projects:
Media Contributor @ La Pagina Millonaria (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Media Contributor @ River Desde La Tribuna (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Production Internship @ Univision SWFL (Fort Myers, Florida)
Contributing Writer @ EAGLE News (Fort Myers, Florida)
Event Organizer @ University of Florida International Center (Gainesville, Florida)​​​​​​​
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