LOSMEDIASTUDIOS headed to Portland, Oregon to attend “Flambeau Noir 2018”, an international left-hand path conference exploring the latest in occult philosophy, literature, music, performance and art.
“Day 3” was my first official day of “Flambeau Noir 2018”. Most of what I had planned did not happen; all for good reason. It was a day full of experiences I can never forget.
FUN FACT: “As each speaker presented their talk to the audience, I could see the color of their auras. I was able to feel their energy branch out to all those who attended. Walking home that night, I knew I had crossed into a higher level of consciousness. “ - Los
Here is the link to a more in-depth of my experience with the presenters that had the most effect on me from my second channel, “The Sigil”: https://youtu.be/0tVJXmkVKbo
“Necromantic Drums” by Sakrateal

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