What is fear?
Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.
Fear doesn’t discriminate, and it resides in the bravest of men and women. Fear of the unknown, of what’s to come, of what to do, engulfs our mind in a cycle of anxiety and stress.
Why is fear able to hold us back?
Fear denies us the opportunity to pursue an interest, to pursue progression, regardless of whatever that may be. Fear terrorizes our mind, heart, and body; keeping us hostage within our own emotional realm. Fear disengages us from experiencing other emotions; absorbing our spirit and being.
How do you combat fear?
Knowledge. Throughout history, we have seen knowledge propel the human race to great accomplishments in science and the arts. Although fear tests us, we use our gained knowledge to conquer the emotion. The more we know, the less fear we harbor in our mind, heart, and spirit.
Knowledge gives us the tool to fight our fears, and provides the path for illumination.
Once knowledge is attained, illuminated ideals and thoughts begin to engulf our minds. We are able to understand what was once forbidden and misunderstood, and we are able to now see behind-the-lines of what was accessible and open to us.
Illumination, through knowledge, has been under persecution for centuries. Large groups of power and faith have enslaved the masses with mental dictatorship, stopping any form of personal advancement for fear of losing power and control.
As long as these groups of power condition the human brain to obey without questioning and act without thinking, we will not be able to discover the potential we have. We will fear what we are capable of, and never pursue a path of illumination.
Fear is a natural human trait, something we acquire from a very young age. As we grow older, evolve into adults, our fears develop with us. Through knowledge, we can eradicate these fears and put an end to this ignorant trait. We can find illumination by embracing the powers needed to combat fear, through knowledge and application.
Conquer your fear. Conquer your doubts. But most of all, conquer yourself.

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